The Dirty Goat 18
Current Issue - The Dirty Goat 18
The Dirty Goat travels for the first time to China and Denmark with the poetry of Hai Zi, Per Aage Brandt and Annemette Kure Andersen in issue 18. The beauty of Hai Zi's lyrics is all the more stunning appearing not only in English but the original Chinese as well; while the Brandt and Kure bring the cold, clean line of Danish to the journal. France is once again healthily represented by Jacques Réda, Geneviève Huttin, Jean Pierre-Rosnay and Pascal Lainé. Réda returns with reflections on visits across Europe in both poetry and prose while Huttin and Pierre-Rosnay startle us with their poetic mastery. An excerpt from Lainé's novel "The Lacemaker" describes the growing problems between a mother and her daughter in a small French village. The Goat also returns to our roots with poetry from Texas by James Hoggard. Visually this issue presents two full color sections by artists from Brazil. Adriano Fagundes returns with photographs from India while Bia Wouk uses abstract painting to illustrate Ovid. Astrid Cabral also chimes in from Brazil contributing some Amazonian poetic visions. There is also a strong selection of both poetry and prose from the United States closing with an interview with up and coming New York jazz pianist Brooks Hartell.


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Adriano Fagundes, Brazil
Fort Ahilya, Maheshwar
Saddu inside Fort Ahilya

Bia Wouk, Brazil
Ariadne to Theseus
Canace to Macabeus

James Hoggard, United States
A Terror Fills the Air

POETRY (cont'd)
Hai Zi, China
Poem Offered to the Pacific

Geneviève Huttin, France
Today is Always Today

Astrid Cabral, Brazil
The Goat Within Four Walls

POETRY (cont'd)
Lauren Eggert-Crowe, U.S.
Dust Storms May Exist
All Fleece, All Water

Jesús Aguado, Spain
[Like the one who gets drunk on himself...]
[Like the pyre laid on the ghat for cremation...]

POETRY (cont'd)
Per Aage Brandt, Denmark
(la mano sinistra)
(descartes in practice)

Annemette Kure Andersen, Denmark
[Inside the gold frame...]

Tessa Smith McGovern, U.S.

Michael Reitema, U.S.
451 East Brigade Street