Calcium Score Test

What Kind of Person Should Have a Calcium Score Test? All You Need To Know About!

Although calcium is known to be excellent for bones, did you know that it can also have negative effects on the heart? The coronary arteries are where this calcium is deposited. As a result, they shrink and close. It is known as a plaque. Plaque is composed of calcium, lipids, and other substances. If it builds up excessively, it might cause coronary artery disease (CAD). It may lead to a heart attack. A calcium score test is used by doctors to identify this buildup. Other names for it include cardiac CT for calcium scoring, coronary calcium scan, calcium scan test, and coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring. In this article, we will talk about the calcium score in Wayne, NJ.

What is the Calcium score?

A calcium scoring test can be used to find plaque build-up. Do not equate it with dental plaque. It appears in the arteries in diverse ways. It starts soft and progressively gathers, but with time it hardens. Medics also refer to it as calcified plaque. This becomes a concern for the two reasons listed below.

In the arteries, hardened plaque resembles something caught in a pipe. The blood flow is lessened. This indicates that some body parts are not receiving adequate oxygen. Chest pain and discomfort may be experienced by the patient if plaque builds up in the heart’s arteries. This has the name angina.

Blood clots may also develop as a result of plaque. That results in a heart attack.

To determine how much plaque has collected in the heart arteries, the calcium scoring test is used. The doctor makes a treatment choice after reviewing the test results.

Who must conduct the test?

It’s not necessary to score your calcium in everyone. The body is exposed to radiation during this exam, which is detrimental to it. The calcium scoring test should only be performed on the doctor’s recommendation. Based on the following considerations, the doctor determines whether the test should be performed or not.

  • Age
  • Vital signs
  • Amount of cholesterol
  • What amount do you smoke?
  • Gender

When the patient is likely to have cardiac disease based on the aforementioned variables, this test makes more sense.

Best calcium score in Wayne, NJ

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